Thursday, May 5, 2016

Intro To Clay I : The Art of the Pinch Pot : Mouse Families

Kindergarten student's mouse family

We just started a new clay workshop for students in Kindergarten, first and second grade that meets after school weekly for 4 weeks, with an exhibition and reception being held in week 5.

This course is called Intro to Clay I : The Art of the Pinch Pot. Our first project is creating Mouse Families.

Materials Needed:
Clay (we used low fire white and terra cotta)
Clay tools
Fabric mats

1. We looked at various artists' interpretations of mice, including sculptor James Houston's Mouse on Cheese. Topics covered included mouse body shapes, textures, identifying features, and details.
James Houston's Mouse on Cheese and Iktomi's Mouse

2. Students spent 5 minutes making quick sketches of mice to generate ideas for their clay sculptures.
Making preliminary sketches

3. Students received chunks of clay, the size of an adult fist. Rolling it into a fat snake shape, they then divided the clay into 4 pieces.

4. The first piece was flattened into a pancake shape for a platform, on which the mice will sit. Make sure the base is sturdy and thick enough to hold the mice.

5. Pinching off small bits of clay, they rolled them into balls and formed small pinch pot shapes. Pots were then flipped over and one end made pointy for the face. Next, they rolled smaller balls which were flattened and added for ears. Tails were made into skinny snakes and added last. Mice were scored on the bottom and adhered to the platforms.

6. The final step was to use the clay tools to add fur textures and whiskers.

7. The clay will be fired and glazed in the next few weeks. 

   Here are pictures of the completed sculptures, air drying.

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