Monday, February 8, 2016

Roller Coasters for Ants Paper Collage

Roller Coasters for Ants

 3-D paper sculpture project

This is a lesson I did recently with a Kindergarten class. The focus of this project was to show them how to transform two flat pieces of paper into a three dimensional paper structure using a variety of folding and shaping techniques.

Intro: We discussed ants and what they do (dig, carry things, locate food, in essence, as one child said, ants work ALL the time). Since ants are continuously working, we decided to build a place where those ants could have some fun...on roller coasters!
Roller Coasters, we decided, are tall, have overlapping shapes and lots of curves.

Materials you will need:
1. 9x12" construction paper, assorted colors
2. Glue or glue stick
3. Scissors
4. Marker, crayon or tiny bits of black paper (for ants)

The Process
Select 2 colors for your roller coaster. One for a base, one for the coaster parts.

Using scissors, cut one piece of paper into strips, cutting along the length of the paper. I told them their scissors were like cars, driving slowly along the edge of the road. No worries if the strip is not exactly straight or doesn't quite reach the end of the paper. Set aside the cut strips.

I did a quick demo to show how to bend the ends of the strips and add ONE dot of glue. Place the strip firmly on the base paper. It helps to count to 10 to ensure the paper is securely attached.


Continue with the remainder of strips, adding at least 3 more to the base in different locations.

To make the coaster taller, add a strip to the tops of 2 strips already on the base. Continue around on the paper to achieve more height. I mentioned that they could make their coasters as tall as they wanted. Remind students they can overlap their strips.

Add circle shape loop-d-loops for the daredevil ants. Do a zig zag fold on a strip to create a staircase (in case ants get too scared and want to climb down). Continue building until the structure reaches the desired height. It might even begin to resemble something from the world of Dr. Seuss.

When all strips are glued on the base, use marker or crayon to draw on the ants. Some students preferred to cut out little ants from scraps of black paper. They were eager to take these home and continue working on them and to set them outside and wait to see who might show up and climb aboard!

Display all work on a table and discuss.

Skills and objectives in this lesson:

Identifying shapes
Developing cutting skills
Demonstrating the use of overlapping
Understanding the difference between 2-d and 3-d
Using 2-d elements to create a 3-d paper collage 

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