Thursday, May 12, 2016

Intro to Clay 1 : The art of the pinch pot : Fish

Making Pinch Pot Fish
This is week 2 of a 4 week clay workshop for students in Kindergarten, first and second grades. We used the pinch pot techniques we learned last week as a starting point and ventured off into creating fish.

This week, we were fortunate to have local artist Tina Preece working with us. Tina does extraordinary things with clay in the areas of sculpture and pottery, and we were glad she was with us to share her expertise.

Intro to Clay : The Art of the Pinch Pot : Fabulous Fish!

Materials Needed
Clay (we used low fire white)
Clay tools
Fabric mats

Fish Sculptures we viewed to get ideas
 1. We looked at fish sculptures made by various artists and discussed materials used, texture, facial expression, and use of details to add interest.

2. Students spent a few minutes drawing fish in their sketchbooks.

3. I did a brief demo, reviewing pinch pot techniques we covered last week. Each artist received a 4 oz ball of low fire white clay. We popped our thumbs into the center of the clay and made pinch pots, making sure the walls of the pot were about the same thickness as our pinky fingers.

4. Flipping the pot upside down, we adjusted it into a fish body shape. Options included leaving it somewhat round, or creating a longer, skinnier fish by gently pulling on the clay to lengthen.

5. Each student received a second ball of clay, 2 oz in size. They pinched this off into smaller bits to create tails, dorsal fins, side fins, and eyes. Each new shape added to the fish body was scored with tools, moistened with water, and firmly attached to the main body shape.

6. For the final step, they used their modeling tools to add scales and other textural markings. All pieces will be fired and later glazed.

The final sculptures.

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