Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Clay 3 : Reception and Exhibition of Children's Clay Art

Student's display
 We completed our Clay After school workshop for students in third through fifth grades. During the five sessions, we created Story Teller Figures, Dragons, Gargoyles, and Vessels, using a variety clay and finishing techniques. At the completion of each workshop, we hold a Reception and Exhibition. Students self curate their work and this event provides an opportunity for them to showcase their work and answer parents' questions about the various topics and techniques they learned over the course of the workshop.

Special thanks to art teacher Sarah Sheckells for making this possible. Also, to local artist Tina Preece for her classroom assistance and expert firing of students' work.
Story Teller, Dragon, Gargoyle, and dish
Gargoyle, Story Teller, Dragon, and dish
Cat Gargoyle
Animal Story Teller Figure
Glazed Dragon
Display of visuals used during the workshop
More visuals used during the course
Completed dish
Completed dish

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