Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pop Art Style Clay Pizza Sculpture

Olive and Mushroom slice, Donut covered pizza slice

Pop Art Style Clay Pizza Sculpture
(week #5 of a 6 week clay course)

For this week's class, we looked at some of Claes Oldenburg's food sculpture pieces as inspiration for making our Pop Art Style Pizza sculptures. I told this group to go wild with the toppings and put things on their pizzas they wouldn't normally expect to see. They had fun with this project and quite a lively discussion about what types of things they'd add to their sculptures.

Supplies and Materials Needed for this project

Sketch paper and pencils for idea generation
Low fire clay
Large paper circle, 16" in diameter, cut into 8 equal slices
Rolling pins 
Modeling tools
  • Make quick sketches of pizza slices with favorite toppings
  • Roll out the clay, using strips to ensure uniform thickness
  • Cut out a 16" diameter circle from paper. Fold into 8 sections and cut into pieces to create patterns for pizza slices
  • Put slice pattern onto slab, trace and cut pizza slice shape
  • Add a snake shape for the crust. Slip and score to adhere securely.
Adding clay for the edge of the crust
Securing the crust 
    Adding toppings to make a pizza face
  • Next, use remaining slab bits to cut out pizza toppings such as vegetables, pepperonis, olives, etc.
    Cutting out toppings   

  • Use a garlic press to make cheese. Securely attach all toppings
Mega cheese pizza
  • Allow clay to dry thoroughly and then fire.
  • Glaze or decorate with acrylic paints and a gel gloss medium 
  • Makes a nice display presentation to put the pizza slices arranged in a circle inside a clean pizza box.
Decorated with acrylic paint and gloss medium
Decorated using acrylic paint and gloss medium

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